Mountainbike Guide Training by MIAS

Tim and myself recently attended a Mountainbike Guide course and it was GREAT. Must say, expectations were slightly different from what the actual weekend was. We had our bikes set and were ready for a couple of days of shredding & ripping but instead we were dealing with a complete other side of mountainbiking and that’s: “guiding“.

We learned many things:

  • how to prepare a guided tour and what a risk assessment meant, and how it should be tackled,
  • how to explain, demonstrate and practice things,
  • how to perform trail maintenance,
  • and so on.
  • Probably one of the most underestimated aspects of guiding was “First Aid“. I’m feeling reassured knowing that the people I ride with are now “First Aiders”. Considering the aspect of mountain biking we practice, we can only say: go get yourself a first aid course!

Being a mountain bike guide for a group means a complete switch in your mind: it’s all about the group and no longer about you. Of course, you get your kicks from the fun that’s being made by the group but it’s easier said than done ;) That being said, it was great to see that there is so much to be learned about guiding and the added value was very clear.

Last but not least: the group of people that ride mountain bikes in the way we do, is not large and it’s fantastic to meet new people that share the same passion. We were lucky to meet the guys from and it is encouraging to see that there are more riders eager to take mountain biking in the Benelux a step further.

Final word goes to Wim for organising the whole thing. Thanks Wim!

We succesfully completed the MIAS level 2 instructor Course.

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Shredding tracks more relax from now on #firstaid

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