Allez Fonce!

Fonce just launched and we’re ready for the adventure! Fonce started out of passion for biking and love for bikes.

‘Fonce’ comes from the French verb ‘Foncer’ meaning “Giving it all you got!”. It’s something we yell at eachother at the start of a special stage or technical section as a sort of encouragement.

With Fonce we literally want to give it all we got, to get people on the bike and make them a happy biker … yes that sounds mellow but it’s real :-)

Fonce today

At this point it’s hard to tell where this journey will be leading to but it’s safe to say that Fonce at this starting point is about:

  • Bikes: Fonce is proud to be a Commencal dealer and we hope that by sharing our enthusiasm we can convince you to go Commencal all the way. The complete range by Commencal is available via Fonce !
  • Workshop: A lot of people know how to treat, clean and service their bike but if you’re not one of them, Fonce is more than happy to help you out with fixing your bike.
  • Stories: Whenever we feel the need to write about things that matter, we will not hesitate to do so. Check out the blog section for all the latest updates, reviews and news.

We want you to have fun on your bike and we promise to do everything we can to keep you a happy biker – hopefully a Commencal biker one day! With Fonce we promise to have an eye for detail and strive to become your preferred bike service provider. We are not the biggest and don’t intend to become it. We work on a small scale and provide local services that make a difference. You’re at the right place if you’re looking for quality bikes that look good and ride even better.

If you just want to come by to work on your bike (with some help if needed) or have a talk, you’re more than welcome. We feel that riding together and meeting new people can be fun so please check our event section.

Fonce tomorrow

We can’t tell what will happen but things that might appear in the near future:

Hope to meet you soon, for a ride ! In the meantime, feel free to drop us a mail with any suggestion or feedback via

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